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What are 5 misconceptions of fitness thoughts

Generally, people dealing with sports have heard many different conversations. So which ones are correct? What are the 5 big mistakes made while doing fitness?

5 Wrong Fitness Riddle

Sports International Sports Director Muratcan Üner explained and warned the sports myths they heard from their members; These falsehoods, from the so-called “fat burner” to miracles to false potions that must be eaten on an empty stomach, should never be followed. Because you can slow down your metabolism by doing wrong sports and be from your health! ”

1.Keep your heart rate near the fat burning pulse

If you exercise by staying between 60% and 70% of your maximum heart rate to burn fat faster, you may be slowing your slimming. The fat burning pulse interval is completely legend. While it is true that when you exercise at a moderate speed, you burn a percentage of more fat in a single calorie, at the end of the exercise, you burn less calories in total.

In particular, we need to train 3 different energy systems in our cardio training sessions. To improve your cardiovascular health and improve your metabolism by performing cardio training two days a week, moderate violence, 1 day high intensity, and 1 day low intensity, by keeping the pulse intervals approved by your trainer and doctor. you will have taken the most correct step.

The sensitive point to remember is to combine regular and frequent exercise and proper nutrition rather than low pulse.

2.Accelerating cardio is the best way to level up

The most effective way to lose weight from the excess fat stored in your body is to add both cardio and weight training to your program. Studies have shown that people who cycle for 30 minutes a day with proper and controlled calorie intake lose three kilos of fat and gain half a kilo of muscle in eight weeks. Another group was observed to lose 8-10 kilos by working 15 minutes of bicycles and 15 minutes of weight a day for 8 weeks, as well as increasing their muscle rates up to 2 kilos, they both accelerated their metabolism and their musculoskeletal structures were much stronger and healthier.

3.Squatting exercises will increase your hips

This kind of legend puts us in laughter. We all know what makes our hips bigger and this is definitely not squatting. If we do not actively do anything about it, we all risk to have weak hip muscles sitting all day at the computer, desk or car seat. One of the best ways to prevent this is squatting! With this exercise, which will be done with the right angle, correct weight and repetition numbers, you will activate the biggest muscle groups of our body, work and shape the hip muscles.

4.An empty stomach means more fat burning

You’ve probably heard that if you exercise with your stomach hungry, you will force the fat reserves in your body to work, but this is far from true. Scientific studies have shown that your body system needs some glucose to activate calorie expenditure from fat. If you exercise by starving or skipping meals, if you consume glucose stored in your body, your body fever will go out and you will start providing energy from your muscle tissue. Losing your muscle tissue will mean that you store more fat and lower your metabolic rate. The ideal thing is to consume the last food at least 90 minutes before cardio or weight training.

5.You can target points of trouble

It would be nice to be able to choose where our body can burn fat with regional studies. (Like larger chest size and thin hips) But this is not possible. The scientific fact is that your body does a certain order of where to burn fat based on your genetic makeup.

Instead of focusing on a single area in your workouts, you should do cardio or all-body resistance exercises to lose weight that is more than all over your body. Your weak and inactive muscle groups will store more fat. So you need to train your whole body equally.


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