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What are the 12 unknown benefits of exercise

Many people go to the gym to improve their cardiovascular health, build muscle, protect their muscles, get in shape or socialize. In the last 10 years, scientists’ research has revealed many more positive effects until exercise suggests and improves brain function.

Unknown Benefits of Exercising

Many people go to the gym to improve their cardiovascular health, build muscle, protect their muscles, get in shape or socialize. In the last 10 years, scientists’ research has revealed many more positive effects until exercise suggests and improves brain function. Regardless of age or fitness level, studies for exercise appear to have serious mental benefits over time. It was also determined that exercise led to a healthy and happy life in general with the contribution of physical and mental development.

Reduces Stress 1: Have you had a hard day at the office? Take a walk or a cardio in the gym or narrow the life to the people in your life. The choice is yours. One of the most common mental benefits of exercise is to reduce stress. Even sweating at the gym can help you manage your physical or mental stress. Exercise also responds to stress by increasing norepinephrine, a chemical concentration in the middle of the brain. Either increase the body’s ability to deal with mental tension, or get rid of your mental tension while developing your body. Both ways are the same: Win-win!

2. Increase happy chemicals: It is difficult to rock a few kilometers. The gym is right next to you to achieve a similar effect. By exercising, you can secrete endorphins and gain happiness and enthusiasm. Research has shown that exercise relieves symptoms even in clinical depression. For this reason, gyms are recommended for people suffering from depression or anxiety. Researches conducted in the Medical Department of Duke University also revealed that in some cases, exercise can be as effective as antidepressant pills.

3. Improving self-confidence: (Feeling like you have a million dollars on the treadmill) At many basic levels, even physical fitness can increase self-esteem and develop a positive self-image. Having an exercise you can do at the gym regardless of your weight, height, gender or age, and even self-race can quickly increase self-attraction and self-worth in one’s perception.

4. Prevent cognitive decline: The unpleasant but bitter reality is the fact that our brains get a little hazy as we get older. In the process of degenerative diseases such as aging and Alzheimer’s many important brain functions are lost, the head actually shrinks, brain cells die. Exercise and healthy eating can not “treat” Alzheimer’s, but it can help slow the course of the disease and support health. Cognitive decline begins after age 45. Exercise is crucial to increase chemicals in the brain, support the brain and prevent degeneration, especially between the ages of 25 and 45. Exercise increases the chemicals in the brain and supports the hippocampus, an important part of the brain for memory and learning.

5. Relieve Anxiety: A hot bubble bath or 20 minutes of running! Which one gives better results in anxiety attack? This answer may be a surprise. The warm and turbid chemicals that spread during and after exercise are beneficial to people as a sedative in anxiety disorders. According to an article published in Oxford University Newspaper, some mid-high-intensity aerobic exercises can reduce anxiety sensitivity. Interestingly, despite many benefits, we think exercise is a good way to burn just calories!

6. Increasing brain power: Several studies on mice and men have revealed that cardiovascular exercise triggers the formation of new neurons and increases overall brain performance (Justin S. Rhodes, University of Illinois). . It helps better decision making, better thinking, better making and better learning.

7. Memory sharpen: Regular physical activity increases memory capacity and ability to learn new things. Production growth of hippocampus cells responsible for memory and learning begins. Exercise-based brain power isn’t just for kids. Memory can also be increased among adults. Another study at the University of Illinois showed that sprinting memory improved among healthy adults who work sprint.

8. Help control addictions: The brain releases dopamine in everything it enjoys, giving the body a “chemical reward”. Exercise, sexuality, alcohol or some foods activate this secretion. Unfortunately, some people become addicted to substances that produce dopamine secretion. Exercise can therefore help get rid of addictions. Short exercise sessions can be distracting for drug or alcohol addicts. First of all, at least in the short term, they can reduce their desires. Alcohol and other addicts cause disruption of the body rhythm. For example, the sleep times of alcoholics are intertwined. Exercise can also help to reconstruct the body rhythm, which is impaired.

9. Eliminate sleep problem: For some people with insomnia, a moderate exercise and sleeping pill may be equivalent. In a study conducted at Sleep Disorders Center at Mount Sinai Medical Center, it was concluded that the sport performed five or six hours before bed raising the core temperature of the body and when the body temperature returned to normal after a few hours, the body accepted it as a sign of sleep time.

10. Get more jobs: Do you feel prosaic? The solution can only be a short walk. Research shows that people who regularly take time for exercise have more energy than their peers who do not exercise and do sports. Although it is not possible to compress the busy programs to a gym in the middle of the day, some experts state that lunch times are an ideal time due to the body clock.

11. Increase your inspiration

Most people end a difficult workout with a hot shower. But maybe after the exercise, you should write with colored pencils, paint or design. Because in a gym workout, pumping blood into the heart can increase creativity for 1-2 hours. If you need an inspiration explosion, you can strengthen your inspiration after exercise by exercising.

12. Inspire others


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