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What are TikTok youth doing in the pandemic?

Popular Social Media Application What are TikTok youth doing in the pandemic?

One of the most prominent applications in recent years is TikTok. TikTok, which creates a community about itself, is generally used by young people. As you know, we are going through a pandemic period, we all do not go out unless necessary. So what did the TikTok youth do during this period?

One of the most important things it contributed to us in the 2010s is social media applications. Especially in recent years, the most popular application was TikTok. This application originating from China is in the hands of everyone from 7 to 70 like Vine. Everyone makes videos and publishes them here. While some are doing very serious works, some are doing meaningless actions.

What did Tiktok Youth do?

You know, we spend the pandemic period at home. Not only us, but also those who use TikTok are at home. TikTokers, who normally dance on the streets, walk and challenge someone, have also done interesting things at home. Users who shoot videos behind closed doors create funny moments. While shooting a video, there are incidents such as parents coming in, something falling from somewhere. When they act freely, it is not possible at home.

Is Tiktok Increasing Teens Friendships?

It turned out that Tiktok has increased the rate of friendship among young people. Young people who shoot Tiktok videos come together with different users and shoot videos. Attracting attention with the videos they shot in tiktok, young people establish friendships to make joint videos.

In addition to funny frames, it also includes the troublesome process. The TikTokers, who are not used to sitting with their parents all the time, are bored at home. It can be boring to live face to face with parents. I think TikTok was the biggest reflection of the generation gap. It can cause controversy at home.

As a result, we still need to take precautions, although we do not experience a ban as intense as the first time. Children and young people should continue their lives without too much dialogue with their families. What will TikTok have you?

TikTok ban, judicial stop

In the US, the federal court has temporarily suspended the Trump administration’s TikTok social media app, which is owned by a Chinese company. The decision banning social media users from installing the TikTok app from 23.59 local time on Sunday was temporarily suspended by a federal court in the capital Washington, hours before it takes effect.

Following US President Donald Trump’s announcement that he will sign a possible agreement for the acquisition of China-based social media platform TikTok’s arm in the United States in partnership with Oracle-Walmart, the US Department of Commerce announced the TikTok ban, scheduled to take effect on September 20. had delayed.

The Ministry of Commerce announced on September 18 that the downloading of social media applications TikTok and WeChat belonging to Chinese companies will be banned on the grounds of “protecting national security”.


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