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What is a brooch? Stylish combinations for brooches

The brooch is a needle accessory that allows to fix the clothes. There are pieces such as stone and embroidery for ornamental purposes. It can be used in many pieces such as brooches, dresses, skirts, shawls and hats. So how can combinations be applied for brooches? On which pieces do brooches create a more elegant look? Here are all the things to know about brooch fashion.

The brooch, the first use of which dates back to the Romans, was a product preferred by both men and women to fasten their cloaks. Over time, it has become an indispensable accessory for women’s fashion. The preferred brooch for shirt collars, shawls and scarves, waist of skirts and dresses, and v-neck chest decollete ensures that the attention and gathering are gathered in the area of ​​attention. In this content, we have included information about which parts you can combine your brooch with and in what way:


In summer, the hats that are worn to protect from the sun can be preferred to save them from the ordinary and to have a more remarkable appearance. It can be placed on the front of the hats.


When creating daily combinations, it is always necessary to act depending on the model and color of the shawls and scarves. Shawls and scarves, which always play a decisive role in hijab clothing, can be combined with brooches and made more remarkable.


It can be preferred in coats and coats in winter, in leather and denim jackets in spring and summer, in cap and tunic models. The place where the brooch will stand the most stylish will be the collar parts.


If you want to look more remarkable and weaker in the combination, the emphasis should be placed on the lumbar region. An accessory, such as a belt and brooch, that will be worn on the waist, will help. This can be preferred especially in the summer season.


Patternless single color shirts can be fitted with a brooch on the collar to make it more noticeable. Thus, a movement is given to the shirts.


Just like in dresses, a small brooch can be attached to the area that comes to the waist at the skirts, and the desired attention and weakness appearance can be achieved.


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