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What is a Heart Attack? What are the symptoms of a heart attack?

What is a Heart Attack? What are the symptoms of a heart attack? Heart attack sounds like this! Watch out for jaw pain! What risks do the first symptoms pose? Heart attack is among the most common diseases in the United States. In the USA, heart disease has managed to become one of the biggest fears of people.

What is a Heart Attack? What Are the First Symptoms of a heart attack?

The vital heart, located in the rib cage to the left from the midline of the chest, has a muscular structure. The organ, which contracts almost 100 thousand times a day and pumps almost 8000 liters of blood into the circulation, weighs 340 grams in men and 300-320 grams in women. Heart valve diseases, heart muscle diseases, coronary heart diseases, inflammatory diseases of the heart and heart attack may develop due to any disorder in the heart structure. Heart diseases that result in sudden death are caused by a heart attack with a rate of 75-80%.

Noting that the risk of heart attack increases in winter, Uzm, Dr. Kemal Kunovac said, “Pain that starts in the middle of the rib cage and spreads to the left arm, shoulder and lower jaw, cold sweating and feeling of badness can be the harbinger of a heart attack.

Turkish doctors and American doctors found a common opinion. It turned out that inactivity increases the heart attack, especially in the winter months. Many people have an increased risk of developing many diseases after they exercise less during the winter months.

What is a heart attack?

Any sudden blockage that develops in the arteries that feed the heart can cause damage to the heart tissue by causing the heart muscle to not get enough oxygen. Substances such as fat and cholesterol accumulate on the artery walls responsible for blood flow to the heart and form structures called plaques. Plaques multiply over time, narrowing the vein and forming cracks on them.

Clots occurring in these cracks cause a heart attack by occluding the vessels. If the vein is not opened with a timely and correct intervention, heart tissue loss occurs. The loss reduces the pumping power of the heart and heart failure occurs. 200 thousand people lose their lives every year in Turkey due to a heart attack. This rate is almost 30 times the deaths due to traffic accidents.

What are the symptoms of a heart attack?

The main heart attack symptom seen in a heart attack is chest pain, which is called heart pain.

The pain felt behind the chest wall is a heavy and pressing dull pain that feels as if someone is sitting in the chest. Pain that does not feel like stinging does not increase or decrease with movement or breathing. It can spread to the left arm, neck, shoulders, abdomen, chin and back.

It usually takes about 10-15 minutes. Rest or use medication that dilates the coronary vessels allows the pain to pass. Other symptoms of a heart attack include a feeling of distress, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, fatigue, and heart rhythm disturbance. Heart pain can sometimes be experienced at rest due to changes in the narrowed areas and the pain may not respond to medication.

This type of heart pain that lasts longer is much more dangerous as it can cause a heart attack more easily.

What are the causes of a heart attack?

  • Smoking is the most important reason that increases the risk of heart attack. Men and women who smoke are almost 3 times more likely to have a heart attack.
  • The higher the LDL ratio, which is defined as bad cholesterol in the blood, the higher the risk of heart attack. Avoiding foods with high cholesterol content such as offal, sausage, salami, sausage, red meat, roast, squid, mussels, shrimp, whole-fat dairy products, mayonnaise, cream, cream, butter can reduce the risk of heart attack.
  • Diabetes is an important disease that increases the risk of heart attack. The vast majority of diabetic patients die of heart attack. In diabetic patients, the elasticity of the vascular walls deteriorates, the level of coagulation in the blood increases, and damage to the cells on the inner surface of the vessel becomes easier.
  • Insulin resistance, which develops due to unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity, causes diabetes, which causes the risk of heart attack.
  • Increased pressure in the blood vessels, in other words increased blood pressure, increases the risk of heart attack by 50%.
  • With age, the structure of the vessels deteriorates and the damage increases. This also increases the risk of heart attack.
  • Estrogen hormone is protective against the risk of heart attack in women. Therefore, the risk of heart attack is higher in men and women after menopause.
    Obesity increases the risk of heart attack by causing blood vessel dysfunction, premature aging, and hardening of the arteries.
  • High blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes accompanying obesity, which cause disorders in carbohydrate and fat metabolism, are also important in the formation of heart attacks.
  • Having a heart attack in a first-degree relative such as a mother, father or sibling increases the risk of having a heart attack.
  • Increases in substances such as C-reactive protein, homocysteine, fibrinogen, and lipoptotein A produced in the liver can also increase the risk of heart attack.

"Watch out for infections"

Pointing out that the changing diet in the winter months also causes heart attacks, Dr. Kunovac “The second reason why heart attacks increase in winter is that we consume more fatty and doughy foods. These foods cause vascular occlusion and thus heart attacks, ”he said.

Dr. Kunovac also touched on the increase in upper and lower respiratory tract infections in cold weather and continued: “These infections can adversely affect patients with heart failure, valvular heart disease and coronary artery disease. Flu vaccine should be given to patients in this group, and fruit and vitamin intake should not be neglected to keep the body resistance high.

Infections can lead to dangerous and even fatal inflammation of the pericardium and heart muscle, even to healthy people. When you notice the symptoms of these diseases accompanied by high fever, shortness of breath, cold sweating, heart palpitations and rhythm disturbances, you need to apply to the hospital as soon as possible ”.

"Consume vegetables, not fatty foods"

Drawing attention to the symptoms of a heart attack, Dr. “Pain or burning in the style of pressure, starting in the middle of the ribcage and spreading to the left arm, shoulder and lower jaw, especially, can be signs of a heart attack,” said Kunovac. In this case, the nearest health institution should be consulted without wasting time.

People who have a heart attack, especially in the first 3-4 hours, prevent heart muscle damage. On the other hand, in order to protect our heart health in winter, we should prefer thick and woolen clothes that protect from the cold. We should use accessories such as scarves that protect the chest, mouth and neck area.

"Heart attack can occur under jaw pain"

“Pain that starts in the middle of the ribcage and spreads to the left arm, shoulder and lower jaw, cold sweating and feeling of badness may be signs of a heart attack. Severe pain in the jaw area is now among the symptoms of a heart attack.

Heart attack treatment methods

A heart attack is an emergency and when symptoms occur, a full-fledged hospital must be admitted. The vast majority of deaths related to heart attacks occur within the first few hours after the attack begins. For this reason, it is vital that the patient is diagnosed quickly and the intervention is performed correctly.

If you have a heart attack, call a relative or hospital immediately and report your situation. Do not consume any food, drink or medicine other than water. Wait with your feet above your heart level until the ambulance arrives.

After the necessary emergency treatments are applied to the patient who comes to the emergency department due to a heart attack, the patient is directed to a cardiologist.

If deemed necessary, the doctor can perform angiography to control the patient’s veins. According to the result of the angiography, it is determined by the doctor whether there will be a medical treatment or a surgical procedure.

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