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What is the new trend of the season, dad jeans and how is it combined?

Mom jeans that accompany every season and can be combined comfortably with dad jeans pants, which have similar features, are among the trends of the 2020 summer season. So what’s dad jeans? How are Dad jeans pants combined? All details about Dad jeans pants are in our news.

Mom jean still maintains its place among the most preferred trousers models of today. Mom jeans, which is among the first choices in terms of being comfortably combined, has become one of the trends of dad jeans for this summer. In the summer season of 2020, paternal patterns are dominant in trousers and t-shirts, just like sandals. Dad jeans are also among these models. Dad jeans, which can be easily combined like Mom jean, are produced from jeans of the ’80s and’ 90s seasons. These trousers that cover the legs draw attention with their pipe-like descent, unlike mom jean pants. The styles you can apply for Dad jeans in the summer season are as follows:

If you want to get a very shabby look, a loose shirt or t-shirt can be preferred over dad jeans. However, short and narrow tops can also be preferred for father molds. Sneakers are the most suitable models for these pants as shoes.

Today, it is obvious that small bags are more prominent than large and wide bags. For this reason, such bags are also recommended in dad jeans combination.


Regardless of the pattern, there are some details to consider when choosing a jean pants. If you know these, you have made the right choice for yourself:

– If you do not want to look fat, you should not prefer loose jeans. Because these pants make the person more fat than they are.

– People with narrow hips should prefer stretch jean pants.

– Pay attention to the back pocket of the jeans taken. Standard pocket sizes are the most ideal for the posture of the trousers.

– Wide-leg and high-waisted jeans are suitable for all body types. For this reason, the legs of the trousers should be bolted down from the knee.


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