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What’s the Pizzagate thing? Who is Jeffrey Epstein? After Adrenochrome and Wayfair, it is on the agenda again!

What's the Pizzagate thing? Who is Jeffrey Epstein?

When Wayfair’s claim of trafficking in kidnapped children on Twitter and Reddit platforms became one of the most talked about topics in the world, the Pizzagate incident and Jeffrey Epstein, who was mentioned in this scandal, started to be discussed again. After the scandal, Jeffrey Epstein, the famous billionaire who abused girls in the United States and was reported to have formed a prostitution network, was arrested and committed suicide in his cell in Manhattan Metropolitan Central Prison on August 10, 2019. So what’s the Pizzagate thing?

When Wayfair started to be talked about on social media, the Pizzagate incident that emerged years ago came to the fore again. Claims have emerged that the pizzeria owned by James Alefantis, a Clinton supporter, was a front and was at the key of a long pedophilia chain. So what’s the Pizzagate thing? Who is Jeffrey Epstein?


Numerous allegations were made regarding the Pizza Gate scandal, dating back to Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. For the prominent wealthy and politicians of America, the victims of children in deviant parties and their sexual abuse came to light with WikiLeaks documents. In the researches on the allegations, it is seen that James Alefantis donated to Hillary Clinton in the US Federal Election Commission (FEC).

While many political and famous names from Clintons to Obamas are mentioned in the scandal in question, there are cases of missing children in the middle of the scandal that emerged with the name “Pizza Gate”. In the Pizza Gate scandal, it is said that children were kidnapped and tortured at very young ages, children were tortured with fun ceremonies, and perverse parties were held in which children of all ages were raped. Pizza orders fill the mailboxes of the pizzeria that sells kids to kinky parties of people of a certain level.

Prince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth

Scandals erupted after Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Andrew was also involved in terrible incidents and Maxwell told Andrew’s relative, Christina Oxenberg, how the network was created for Epstein.

56-year-old Oxenberg, the sister of Hollywood star Catherine Oxenberg, explained that Maxwell, accused of “supplying young girls” to Epstein, told Epstein, “I know the type of girl Jeffrey likes and I am bringing them home”.

Who is Jeffrey Epstein?

Jeffrey Epstein, the famous billionaire who abused girls in the United States and reportedly formed a prostitution network, committed suicide in his cell in Manhattan Metropolitan Central Prison on August 10, 2019.

Epstein, 66, was charged with abusing dozens of girls under the age of 18, the youngest being 14, and creating a prostitution network.

Miami Attorney General Alex Acosta, who was determined to be linked to Epstein, resigned from his post of Labor Minister in US President Donald Trump’s cabinet.

Jeffrey Epstein was born on January 20, 1953 in New York. Jeffrey Epstein, who started to serve in the field of finance, was among the most important billionaires in America.

The latest investigation into the billionaire businessman includes allegations of sexual abuse of underage girls for money. It is recorded that the children are down to the age of 14.

Epstein, who was detained when he landed on a private jet to New Jersey on July 6, was previously convicted of sexual harassment of several underage girls.

By admitting that he was guilty in 2008, he agreed with the prosecutor’s office and was sentenced to 13 months in prison instead of a possible life sentence.

US Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta, who was a lawyer at the time, was forced to resign over the controversial agreement.

Epstein was also accused of paying large amounts of money to two witnesses who were expected to testify at his trial.

The businessman denied the charges and, if found guilty, he was expected to face up to 45 years in prison.

Billionaire businessman Jeffrey Epstein was a name who had good relationships with rich and powerful people.

US President Donald Trump, former US President Bill Clinton and British Prince Andrew were among the names he was friends with for a while.


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