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When will movie theaters open in the USA

According to Box office analysts, the claim that opening cinemas across the USA will not come true before September. Many films decided to postpone due to coronavirus.

Are there any movies to go to when opening theaters?

“In our age, a short-lived creature that is unknown to the past centuries lives. People out of the cinema. The movie he saw did something to him. He’s not just a person who thinks about his interests. It is at peace with people. It is hoped that he will do great things. But he dies in 5-10 minutes. The streets are filled with those who do not come out of the cinema, with their sullen faces, indifference and sneaky walks, they take it between them, they melt … I know the way to save them. It should make huge cinemas. One day all the people living in the world should get into them.

According to the rules set by the Ministry, the idea of ​​watching a movie for 1.5-2 hours with a mask that I have never taken out of my face, in which I am not sure that their air conditioners are working with 100% fresh air, does not excite me very much!
When I go to the movies, it makes me happy that the superheroes on the screen have masks on the faces of Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Zorro, not the mask on my own face.

For the risks of returning to movie theaters where 20 million people go every week in the USA and Canada before the pandemic, Professor Robert Lahita from New York Medical School says: “If you are sitting with a group of strangers in the hall, you are at risk of getting sick if you are not sitting 3-5 meters away from it. high. It is no secret that the air does not circulate very well in movie theaters. If you don’t wear a mask during the movie, your job is a bit of luck!

Professor Lahita points out the risk of going to movie theaters (beaches, bars, etc.) in an environment where the number of cases is still high: “I wouldn’t like to see the movie industry die, but I would expect the case numbers to drop down to showcase their new movies if I were on the spot. Especially in September, the speed of spreading of the virus is expected to increase again. In this case, closing the people to the movie theaters may increase the risk of contamination. “

US Cinemas in September

Considering the current epidemic conditions in the USA, it is stated that opening the cinemas across the country can take place in September in the most optimistic scenario, so the dates of the films such as Tenet and Mulan can be delayed again.

The optimistic and hopeful forecasts that feed on the return of the cinema from the pandemic strike the reality of the current dimensions of the epidemic each time. It was hoped that until a few months ago, the world would have come a long way in the normalization process, especially in the USA, and the cinema would take the warm-up tours and meet the audience again as the films like Tenet and Mutant were released in the middle of the month. Both films have been postponed many times from those days until mid-July, and the epidemic continued to increase momentum at the global level. According to THR’s report based on MKM Partners’ box office analyst Eric Handler, the “real” return of the cinema seems to be delayed once again.

According to the report, it is stated that the opening of movie theaters throughout the USA, especially in major states such as California, New York, which are essential conditions for films such as Tenet to be released, may happen in September, even in the most optimistic scenario in the current epidemic conditions. Therefore, according to the forecasts of the report, the films will be postponed once again for the films that plan August for the vision like Tenet. In the same report, Handler also updated the USA total revenue forecast for 2020.


The giant production companies of Hollywood, where the heart of the cinema industry beats, have even postponed the “giant” movies they planned to release to the public this month, to 2021.
Many large production companies do not want to put the movies that they have invested millions of dollars in ‘without scattering dust around’.
Many managers are already saying that they ‘deleted’ 2020 from their agendas.
Currently, there are two films in the cinema industry that will save the summer months. On the horizon, Christopher Nolan’s new movie “Tenet” and animation classic Mutant’s “live action” adaptation.

The First Movie To Be Released After Movie Theaters Are Reopened In America Might Be Unhinged

Unhinged, starring Russell Crowe, will be released on July 1 in the USA. Unless the vision calendar is changed, the first movie to be released after the movie theaters are re-opened in the USA will be Unhinged. However, the fact that movie theaters are unlikely to open in August makes people think.


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