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Who won the Trump-Biden controversy? The result of the big duel is discussed

US President Donald Trump and Joe Biden duel 'wife' stamp!

The first presidential debate held in the USA with almost a month left to the elections was marked by the two candidates interrupting each other, as well as the moment they met with the wives of US President Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden. While Jill Biden hugged her husband, Melania Trump’s cold demeanor drew attention.

The first live presidential debate between President Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, prior to the US elections to be held on November 3, was marked by their constant interruption and chaos, as well as the moment they met with their wives.

After the 90-minute verbal duel ended, Donald Trump’s wife First Lady Melania Trump and Joe Biden’s wife Jill Biden came to the stage and posed with their wives. But while Jill Biden hugged her husband, First Lady Trump’s cold attitude drew attention.

At the end of the duel, it is observed that the First Lady speaks coldly after coming to her husband. On the other hand, there were moments when Jill Biden greeted the audience sincerely after hugging her husband.

Another noteworthy detail was that Jill Biden appeared on the stage wearing a mask and Melania Trump was without a mask. Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden insisted that a mask should be worn in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, and called for the use of masks on a national scale.

Who won as a result of the Trump-Biden controversy?

The BBC’s North American correspondent Anthony Zurcher penned who stood out in the debate between US presidential race candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Zurcher likened the argument to “the struggle of those who throw food at each other.” According to the BBC reporter, the winner was “the one who had the least dinner on it”, and this was Joe Biden. Zurcher says Biden demonstrates that despite his age, Americans have somehow managed to survive under stress. Zurcher continues his analysis as follows:

Trump, our unconventional, bombastic, insult we are used to seeing on Twitter, behaved in a way that demonstrates these qualities during the 1.5-hour event.

But the identity that US President Trump displays on Twitter is the most disliked feature of most Americans, including his own followers.

Trump needed this debate to shake those who opposed him, but the debate doesn’t seem to have helped change the mind of one in 10 Americans who say they don’t know who to vote.

When will Trump and Biden fight again?

Trump and Biden will face each other again on October 15 and 22. Before the presidential election, candidates will enter a verbal duel again. Biden and Trump supporters entered each other in social media!


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