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Why does the whole world speak of SpaceX?

Why does the whole world speak of SpaceX? There is “US-Russia conflict” behind the scenes. What will the trade wars be?

The subject all over the world was SpaceX!

SpaceX, co-founder of Elon Musk, is expected to save NASA’s $ 85 million expense per astronaut if it transports two astronauts to ISS. SpaceX, which the world press makes headlines, is of great importance as it will save the US from the amount it pays to Russia.

For the first time in history, a private company sent people into space. SpaceX, the founder of Elon Musk, took two astronauts on their journey to the International Space Station with the project supported by NASA. Despite the coronavirus outbreak, the incident has been on the agenda all over the world. Newspapers such as Financial Times, New York Times, Bild, Le Monde, La Repubblica wrote that Musk’s company had a great advantage in space travel.

The first manned flight trial was carried out with SpaceX’s “Crew Dragon” space shuttle founded by Elon Musk. The launch, which was planned to be held on 27 May, could not be carried out due to weather conditions. With this successful launch, SpaceX launched a manned flight into space for the first time, while a private company sent people into space for the first time in history. In the event that SpaceX successfully transports astronauts to ISS, the National Aviation and Space Administration (NASA) is expected to avoid the $ 85 million expense paid to Russia per astronaut.


Crew Dragon will take the astronauts named spacecraft Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley to the International Space Station (ISS).

Since 2011, NASA has been sending its astronauts to the space station with Russian Soyuz spacecraft since it suspended its manned flight project.

He saw SpaceX as the first company in history to send people to space with the following titles: Financial Times (England): SpaceX was the first company to send people to space!

Elon Musk’s company sent astronauts out of the US almost 10 years later.Bild (Germany): Space X is on the way to the International Space Station! After 9 years,

Americans fly with a US mission. La Repubblica (Italy): SpaceX sent Crew Dragon from Cape Canaveral. A first since 2011.

Le Monde (France): SpaceX becomes the first private company to send two astronauts into space!

After a successful takeoff on Saturday, astronauts are expected to arrive at the International Space Station on Sunday.

New York Times (USA): SpaceX NASA carried astronauts into space, a new era began in space flights. Business Insider (USA): Musk made history! SpaceX sent two people into space.

It was the most important task of the company since its founding 18 years ago. El Pais (Spain): SpaceX sent two astronauts into space, creating a milestone in the space travel race.


With this flight, after 9 years, the first human transport mission from the US lands to space will be realized. For this reason, it is seen as an important step in regaining America’s prestige in the race for carrying people to space. It will also be the first time a private company carries an astronaut. NASA has been using the Russian Soyuz spacecraft to transport its astronauts to the space station since it has suspended its crew flight project since 2011. He was paying millions of dollars to Russia because of these flights. In the event that SpaceX successfully transports astronauts to ISS, the National Aviation and Space Administration (NASA) is expected to recover about $ 85 million in Russia per astronaut.


The spacecraft named Crew Dragon has a maximum capacity of 7 people, but it plans to carry four people on NASA flights.It is equipped with small rocket engines and can be maneuvered in space and locked to the space station on its own. Contrary to previous human-carrying spacecraft, the crew cabin has touchscreen control instead of buttons. Over $ 3 billion support from NASA SpaceX, which received a budget of over $ 3 billion from NASA for the project to conduct a manned flight, is the case when SpaceX’s test flight is successful. The California-based SpaceX firm, owned by businessman Elon Musk, has spent the last six years building and testing the Crew Dragon capsule.


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