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Why is Dubai so touristy?

The fact that the settlement is built entirely on the desert, the luxury and wonder of everything is really interesting. While we cannot go out without a sweater without a jacket during the winter months, the fact that you can swim in Dubai is another feature that makes this place attractive. Of course, being hot in winter can be great for lovers of hot weather like me, but I can not go without saying that the temperature rises to 40-50 degrees in summer and sometimes even 55 degrees. I did not experience the summer, but as far as I can hear, nobody can even go out, even when it is 55 degrees, it is dangerous to go out.

I think that October-November months are the most ideal months to go to Dubai in terms of both swimming and swimming. Although it was not a problem to visit the skirt in January, the weather was cool to swim in some days and there is a high risk of sand storm in Dubai in winter. As a matter of fact, we have seen the sandstorm on our last day. In this way, we learned and experienced that they poured virtual rain with the process of dropping moisture on the clouds to calm the storm.

I would like to give you a few more interesting information about the region that may be of interest to you. Of the 10 million people living in the region, only 1 million 200 thousand are Arabs. Indians are the most seen people in Dubai. Although there are so many different people, the crime rate in this region is very low, strict rules are abundant and everyone is extremely respectful to each other. For example, eating something in the subway, drinking water or even chewing gum is forbidden. The penalty for passing in the red light is quite big. If you are in a fight on the street, even if small, the result is at least 6 months in prison.

Everything is very expensive in Dubai but the earnings are so high. While the minimum wage is around 12 thousand liras, the rent of a 3 + 1 house in a normal area corresponds to 17 thousand liras. You eat the same hamburger you eat for 20 lira in Istanbul and 150 lira in Dubai. You can also pay with your dollar in Dubai, but I wouldn’t recommend it. For this reason, the currency of Dirhem in Dubai is therefore more affordable when you arrive in Dubai by converting your dollars into Dirhem.

Apart from touristic places, those who are curious about the relations between men and women are not considered very warm to walk and hug the woman and the hands of the man. They also have a car in the subway where women can stand separately. The marriage of Arabs with foreigners is not welcomed in the region.

Holidays in Dubai on Fridays and Saturdays. On Sundays, it is the first working day… The region that devotes Fridays to worship allows everyone to freely practice their religion.

The United Arab Emirates was established as an official state on December 2, 1971, and its first official coins were printed on this date. The first city apartment was built in 1976. So you will understand that this place has no unique historical texture or story. For this reason, during my trip, I noticed that I often compare Dubai to a different place. While it is compared to Singapore in terms of cleanliness and rules, its luxury life built on the desert resembles Vegas. In Dubai, which has traces of the past in Europe and can be seen almost as newly established while visiting historical places, naturally touristic places in Dubai are a little different and modern.

The reason why Dubai is a tourist attraction is that it is the region of “en”. I do not think that there will be a store or restaurant in the Dubai Mall, which is the largest square meter shopping center in the world. There is even a huge aquarium in the shopping mall. By taking only 10 thousand steps, I was able to visit 1 percent of the shopping mall. Mall of Emirates is another huge mall. There is a huge ski slope in this shopping mall. When you enter the ski slope, you can love the real penguins and even take a photo. So even if you are in the middle of the desert, you can love penguins in Dubai.

Let’s come to other “en” of Dubai. Burj Khalifa is famous for being the tallest building in the world. The building, which was built by spending 1.5 billion dollars, is 828 meters long. If you wish, you can buy tickets and go to the top. Burj Al Arab is one of the most luxurious hotels. The world’s first 7-star hotel. The hotel has 201 rooms and all rooms have a suite and a helipad on the roof.

Miracle Garden is another tourist attraction. This place, which can be visited in November-April, is also wonderful from Alice Wonderland. Everything, everywhere is made of flowers. Since the weather is quite hot after April, the garden is closed and everything is done and prepared again and again in November. The ferris wheel, which will be a tourist attraction in a short time, had not started to work yet when we went. It is said that this ferris wheel will be the largest ferris wheel in the world and will pass the London Eye. Souq Medinat has become one of my favorite places in the region. It has an authentic atmosphere and nice restaurants. It is really pleasant to visit.

Jumeriah Beach is a tall and long beach. There are free and paid beaches on it. Palm Jumeriah is the palm-shaped islet where the richest people of Dubai live. You can tour the Palm Jumeriah by the metro, which goes from the monorail, and get off the last stop at the famous Atlantis Hotel. The hotel is just like an amusement park. The huge water slide park in Aquaventure is especially a favorite of children. If you dare, you can jump into the pool by sliding through the sharks. Another tourist activity is a safari and camel tour. However, if you have a problem such as hernia, it is not recommended, let me tell you in advance.


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