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Why is the Istanbul Convention targeted?

ISTANBUL – Istanbul Convention is accepted as the most important acquisition of Turkey’s women’s movement in recent days has again become the target of some conservatives. the prevention of violence against women, the first international document that is legally binding Istanbul Convention, opened for signature in Istanbul on 11 May 2011 and the contract was signed by Turkey for the first time. Law No. 6284 on the Protection of the Family and the Prevention of Violence Against Women was enacted in 2012.

In the letter he wrote for Milli Gazete, the Head of the Women Branch of Saadet Party, Ebru Asiltürk, described the contract as a “bomb thrown into the family structure” by saying “It is now clear that the financial and spiritual integrity of the family is compromised with the Istanbul Convention.” Seeing the contract as a threat and danger, Asiltürk stated that the only solution was the termination of the contract.

Another name recently included in the debate is the AK Party former MP, Mehmet Metiner. Saying that he was very regretful that he voted ‘yes’ in the session where the Istanbul Convention was discussed, Metiner stated that most of the deputies who said “Yes” did not know what they voted for.


One of the advocates for the abolition of the contract is the author Sema Maraşlı. Marasli, who wrote an article on the website named “Child and Family”, which he founded, states that he is against the Istanbul Convention and the law numbered 6284 because he demolished the family, considered homosexuality legitimate, and hostile men and women. Noting that the contract should be terminated urgently, Maraşlı uses the following statements in his article: “We do not accept the policies of men, women, and women, that fight gender roles under the name of gender equality. The roof of the family is built on gender. If there is no gender, there is no family. No family, no religion, no homeland. ”


Fatma Bostan Ünsal.

Başkent Woman Platform Member Fatma Bostan Ünsal, who spoke to the Newspaper Wall, states that the discussions around the Istanbul Convention spread to a wider audience after the President of the Religious Affairs has discriminated against LGBTIQ individuals. “The statements of the President of the Religious Affairs and the bar associations claiming that these statements constitute a hate language led to a more general discussion of the issue in public. ”

According to Bostan Ünsal, who stated that making the contract a target is a political effort, the aim of this discussion is the effort of the Alliance of the Republic to attract conservative voters who did not vote for it.

“Since the discussion is based on the statement of the President of Religious Affairs, I think that considering the political importance of this institution will help us understand the situation. As it is known, the President of Religious Affairs has been in a very political position as it was determined by the political power. Religious Affairs has always been in parallel with the rulers, similar to the punishment of some religious officials for mentioning the headscarf verses during the 28 February process. Today, even though political power is in the Cumhuriyet Alliance, social support is decreasing due to various reasons. Therefore, the Alliance of the Republic is trying to attract the “conservative” section, which is naturally addressed to it, even if the alliances are not based on such a distinction. In other words, the conservative section in the Nation Alliance, which constitutes the electoral base of parties such as the Good Party and the Felicity Party, is in the interest of the government. In this way, it will both increase its popular support and destroy the Millet Alliance. ”


Bostan Unsal, the AK Party government that signed the agreement are rare and Law No. 6284 on Turkey draws attention to be adopted by a unanimous vote. However, it is based on the contract “gender equality” enough not publicly debated the policy emphasizes Bostan Unsal, continues as follows: “The concept of gender equality, that is loaded on the male and female gender, social roles, and those roles over to disagree with the reproduction of inequality, unfortunately, Turkey There was no widely discussed and public acceptance in this regard. Law No. 6284 came out unanimously by all the parties in parliament, but suddenly it became a “debatable” position because it was not based on such an acceptance. ”


Rumeysa Çamdereli.

Rumeysa Çamdereli, one of the founders of the Havle Women’s Association, says that she is sadly following the discussions around the Istanbul Convention. He points out the importance of the legalization of protective measures against domestic violence in particular, and says:

“We know that the women’s movement in Turkey’s Istanbul Convention is one of the biggest and most important achievements, we see and we are experiencing. In fact, we can see how important we are, especially when we look at the practices in some Middle Eastern countries that are likened to us or in countries such as Indonesia, such as Malaysia. Furthermore, Istanbul’s international treaties such as the Convention for becoming a signatory, we saw how many things changed in Turkey. Because such a legal arrangement means a lot for women. When we talk to the women around me, we see that those who criticize the contract are not aware of these gains and we feel that we are saddened by this. ”


He interprets the accusation of the convention by some conservative groups to destroy the family as follows: “There are many things that they think with the family and express their secret. In particular, they hold onto the definition of a family that closes women into the family, which shows violence as legitimate and that should be accepted as such. This is a family definition in which the arm is broken and remains in the yen, and everything is ignored. However, such a definition of family may be destroying the family institution in Turkey. If indeed the family members continue their healthy and healthy life, if the Istanbul Convention is doing anything for the continuity of this family, they can argue about it. As I cannot see any benign argumentation, I feel like there is no counter-argument. We struggle with just one set of fiction and dark ideas. “


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