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Why lashes fall out? What are the reasons for eyelashes to fall out?

Eyelashes with a great contribution to beauty are also responsible for protecting the eyes. They act as a shield against small living things and sunlight from dirt and dust that may come from the outside. However, the problem of shedding in eyelashes not only negatively affects beauty, but also causes them to not perform their functions.

A small amount of spilled lashes is considered normal as long as they grow back. We may encounter a part of this natural renewal on all hairs in the body. However, too much spill on the lashes can be caused by the symptoms of some problems. So why do lashes fall out? Here are the reasons for eyelashes to fall out …

Why are eyelashes spilled?


In some cases, slowing or increasing thyroid glands can cause lashes to fall out.


Lashes need many vitamins. However, vitamin B deficiency may cause lashes on lashes.


Plucking or pulling the lashes seriously damages the bottom of the lashes. Splashes on the eyelashes and newly released lashes may not be as long as before.


Camotherapy is an effective treatment used for the treatment of cancer patients. At the same time, it has huge side effects, and permanent lash problems may occur.


As the age progresses, the lashes weaken just like other cells and their renewal slows down. As we age, lashes are a natural process. Eyelashes and hair strengthening foods should be consumed.


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