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Wildcards and actions in Anti-Racist Demonstrations

Joker masked activists started burning many police cars and headquarters. People show these movements as dangerous.

The same scenario in the Joker movie has now begun in the US states.

The Joker Movie Scenario is Now in the Hands of the Activists

Racist movements against blacks and actions that are on the agenda continue to grow within the USA. Especially the US police are accused of persecuting many black citizens. Besides many demonstrators, it was learned that according to the information received, he was involved in different groups in the actions.

Warning fires started to be opened by the police to many demonstrators who started to burn around the white house. Especially in some states, protest demonstrations cannot be brought under control. The blacks freedom movement seems to have created opportunities for other groups.

In one claim, it was claimed that some of the Jewish businessmen provided financial support to the demonstrators. In particular, this claim was enough to be on different sites on the internet. Donald Trump approved the military intervention as a result of the protests getting out of control.

The Place of Democracy The USA Is Burning!

The United States, which shows itself as a Democratic country in the world, is eventually punished for racism. Especially in the Middle East region, the massacres he made for oil started to be in his own country. Many people say that the United States can be divided and resembles the distribution of ancient society.

After the actions went out of control, the soldier started to go to the cities. The protests within the US are in danger of causing a conflict within themselves. Especially the loss of blacks as a result of these actions means that they will be slaves again.

It is anticipated that there will be a major financial crisis after the action in the United States takes just two more months. The economy, weakened by Coronavirus, fell rapidly. It looks like it will be “USA”, the biggest loser this year against China.

Conspiracy Theories with the Joker Movie

People who put forward theories about conspiracy theorists in society and in the world knew another great insight. Especially after large-scale action movie scenario of wildcards in the United States and Turkey had said it would be more disruptive action in the world.


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