World famous model Heidi Klum sunbathes naked by the pool

Heidi Klum sunbathing naked by the pool

Famous model Heidi Klum sunbathed topless by the pool with her husband Tom Kaulitz and a boyfriend. The happy states of Heidi Klum did not go unnoticed.

The world famous German model Heidi Klum spent the weekend in Los Angeles with her husband Tom Kaulitz and a boyfriend. It was noteworthy that Heidi Klum sunbathed topless by the pool.The happy state of 47-year-old Heidi Klum did not go unnoticed.

Heidi Klum had a barbecue with her husband Tom Kaulitz after enjoying the pool.

Heidi Klum continues to protect my sexy body. Despite getting older, Klum has a fit body.


The model that has not worn out for years, Heidi Klum often shares her poses on social media. The beautiful model, who is happily married to her husband, does not hesitate to share frames from her private life.

Shocking moments at Heidi Klum's home! 'Prophet Jesus ... you ...'

The world-famous model Heidi Klum had unexpected moments last weekend. The unidentified person who came to their house said to the staff at the door, “The Prophet Jesus asked me to visit you.” To the surprise of Klum and his family, the Los Angeles police later seized the incident.

The door of Klum’s million-dollar mansion in Bel Air, Los Angeles, was knocked by a strange man. To the surprise of Klum and his family, the Los Angeles police later seized the incident. The front door of Klum’s mansion, where he lived with his young wife, Tom Kaulitz and their children, was stolen last weekend by a man whose identity has not yet been disclosed.

“The Prophet Jesus asked me to visit you,” the man knocked on the door and said to the staff working in Klum’s house and opening the door.

He was at the Heidi Klum mansion at that time, but according to the site TMZ; He did not look at the door himself. The police were informed immediately, when the officers arrived at the scene; the suspect had left Klum’s house. The police found the man on the road near the mansion.

It was stated that the person who tried to make an unexpected visit to Heidi Klum’s house had psychological problems.

According to the news reflected in the press after the incident, the person who knocked on Klum’s door did not know that the famous model was going to his house. The suspect, who took the statement from the police, said that he was confused at the time.


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