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X-Ray Showing Inside the Apple Magic Keyboard

US-based technology giant Apple has announced the new tablet model iPad Pro with an activity it held in the past period. In the statements made by Apple, it was stated that “Magic Keyboard”, which is one of the accessories of this tablet, does not have traditional butterfly mechanism keys.

The iFixit team, which has opened the interior of the works for more than one period and determined how these works are in terms of repairability, has now handled Apple’s new Magic Keyboard. But this time, as usual, the team showed the X-ray views of the Magic Keyboard, instead of cutting it into pieces, and showcased what was inside the keyboard.

X-ray images acquired by the iFixit team reveal that Apple’s new Magic Keyboard has a different interior design. Apparently, Apple did not prefer the keys with butterfly mechanism, which was not adopted by the users, in its new accessory, which was the explanation. The company chose to use scissor switches, which are more than users, to the region.

X-ray image of Magic Keyboard

Apple offered Magic Keyboard for a price that multiple tech lovers found high. Of course, there were some reasons for this high price to be preferred by consumers. However, the work has almost no alternatives and some improvements that it brings will be preferred by iPad Pro owners.

According to the statements made by the iFixit team, the work on Magic Keyboard is not finished. The team says that it will open the work and look at the repairability status in the future. But it is not known when this will happen and when we will see the Magic Keyboard inside.


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