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Xiaomi is doing injustice to Turkey!

Undoubtedly, the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Xiaomi will be affordable phones. But rather vague in this case took a turn recently. Let’s face it, Xiaomi very reasonable prices when Turkey enters the market. So prices had fallen abroad in Turkey, with prices exactly. But Xiaomimi’s popularity increased, prices began to rise in Turkey.

Xiaomi is doing injustice to Turkey!

Thanks to its aggressive pricing policy, which had a rapid rise in the global market Xiaomi also reach a wide audience in Turkey. The Chinese producer, which caught a significant majority of customers in a short time due to its affordable prices, has been very disappointing with the prices it has recently announced.

Celebrating the Xiaomi rising prices by increasing its popularity in Turkey, thanked the customer base in this way in Turkey.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro, which was recently 269 dollars abroad, was announced in our country with a price of 3300 TL. Okay tax or something there, obviously there. However, the sale of a phone with $ 269 for 3300 TL cannot be explained by any tax. This phone corresponds to 1850 TL with daily exchange rate. Moreover, this is not the price that is the raw price. In India, which has a high tax rate, the sales price in a taxed manner corresponds to $ 269.

In Turkey for $ 481. What is the reason for this? Of course Xiaomi opportunism of Turkey. We became popular anyhow, we became a well-known brand, inflated prices.

But there is a very important element that they forget. If they continue to set prices in this way, these people also know how to lower them from their origin.

Besides, there are tons of alternatives until you get Redmi Note 9 Pro for 3300 TL and Mi 10 for 8500 TL. Xiaomi Turkey urgently needs to make itself presentable. separate tariff to foreign countries, no separate tariff Turkey.


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